Thursday, September 11, 2014

nyc day trip to rockaway beach

To the beach!

This past weekend was (possibly) the last beach-worthy weekend of the summer & you best believe I took full advantage. A few of my friends and I spent the day at Rockaway Beach, located in Queens - which is actually on the South Shore of Long Island. The beach itself, admittedly, left a little to be desired. It seems like the area is still be cleaned up from Hurricane Sandy. But, a beach is a beach with sand & water ;). And it was a really great day-trip to get out of the city.

  • It's free! The beach is a public park, so there is no charge. 
  • Accessible by public transportation from the city.  

  • So easy and accessible by subway. You can take the A to Broad Channel, transfer to the S to Rockaway Park-Beach. 
Travel Time: 
  • From the Lower East Side of Manhattan about 1.5 hours. 
Food & Drink:
  • Rockaway Taco. YesYesYes! It's a small shack-like spot located on basically a side street (of 96th St.) that you would never think to turn down if you didn't know this taco heaven existed. The fish tacos are amazing and I also got a refreshing Pinapple Mint Juice. I highly recommend both. The corn also looked delicious. 
  • Twisted Sangria from Caracas Arepa Bar at 106th Street. This was a cool spot located right off the beach. Their food looked delicious and they also had fresh smoothies. Basically I wanted everything, but settled for this bad boy…

We soaked up the sun and stayed for the entire day, leaving around 5pm. I'd definitely recommend it! 

Question: Do you have any easy day-trip recommendations from NYC?

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