Wednesday, September 3, 2014

labor day weekend recap

Happy Wednesday!

A little late to the recap game. Yesterday was a difficult, seriouslyfeltlikeaMonday, kinda day for me. It didn't help that I stayed up until 2am reading. Do you ever do that? It's such an awful habit, but sometimes I become so enthralled with a book I have to know what happens. I was reading Me Before You, has anyone read it? I finished it on the subway to work this morning and was openly weeping in public. To be honest, not the first time that's happened to me because of a book. I'll post a recap of it, along with some other recently read books later.

Onto, Labor Day Weekend.

This weekend I went to my grandparents house in upstate NY, near the Syracuse area. It is very country where my grandparents live, something I've grown to appreciate. Especially now living in the city. Instead of falling asleep to sirens and taxi horns outside your window, its crickets chirping and wind chimes that lull me to sleep and even better, don't wake me up in the morning. When we arrived Friday night, I actually got out of the car and could clearly see the Milky Way. Can not remember the last time that happened.

On Saturday we hung out by the pool and then went to the good ole' New York State Fair.

A recap in pictures...

But, stick a city girl in the country and this was my face pretty much the entire time we were there…

(An original piece. You're welcome) 

Back at the grandparent's, I went for a (hilly) run one morning. The decision to snap some pics came after mile three. I was spent - but it was truly beautiful. This one is from down the road at a neighbors farm. 

I'll leave you with my new country music obsession. 

And an original quote by yours truly that I created on QuotesCover (<- when boredom strikes). A saying I live by ;)...

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