Monday, September 8, 2014

a weekend of nyc dining

Happy Monday!

Last night, I showered and did my hair before I went to sleep. I actually got enough sleep. I woke up this morning, on time. And today, I feel…energized! Now tell me, why do I find it so hard to do these things every Sunday?

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So, the weekend...This weekend was hot. So, so hot. My time spent outside was strategically mapped to find in the shadiest paths on the sidewalks. AKA where there was scaffolding to walk under.

In between being outside, Saturday was spent mostly eating. It started off with lunch at Dimes, which is a tiny, low-key spot in Chinatown. It's easy to miss but flagged by a few customers waiting outside. The space is small and not air-conditioned (admittedly not ideal for the hot day), but the staff is friendly and it's a no-frills, no-fuss experience. My friend and I split the Summer Tacos (with bacon) and the BLT - both delicious. Yum bacon.

Overall: I'd go back!
Scene: Hipster
Price: Cheap (we spent about $15 each)
Food: Delicious for brunch/lunch (Also, the acai bowls looked so fresh!)

Then we got pedicures, I went for a fall color. I decided it was time and got Essie Don't Sweater It. Love this one.

And before we knew it, it was time to eat again ;). Dinner was at Lil Frankie's, for some Italian fare on the Lower East Side. Basically I spent the evening dining on meat, cheese and bread. I split a prosciutto pizza and pasta in a cream sauce with pancetta for dinner. Both were from the specials menu, so I can't find the exact names. The sauce on the pasta was lacking pancetta and some flavor which was disappointing, but the pasta was fresh and home-made.

Overall: I'd go back - for the pizza alone.
Scene: Casual
Price: Middle of the road (we spent about $60 each). Note: You can definitely go here for a cheaper price. We had a lot of leftovers and also had a few drinks each.
Food: Delicious
Note: Cash only but can make a reservation

Sunday we spent the day day-trippin to the beach! It an effort to not let go of summer, or my tan, we decided to venture out and enjoy the sun for possibly the last time this year. I'll add a post tomorrow with some deets.

Until then!

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