Monday, September 22, 2014

it's beginning to feel a lot like…fall

Twas a brisk 61 degress when I woke up this morning. I conveniently had my air conditioner on high blasting at 67 degrees. I gave myself a gentle reminder to both check the weather before I go to bed and when I wake up to avoid self-induced frostbite.

Anyway, my reluctance to summer ending is slowly falling to the wayside and I will admit, I'm feeling Fall. Here's a few thing's I'm looking forward to...

1. My Birthday. Hey Libras ;)

2. Cozy sweaters. Like this and this and this. So all of Fall I can look like this:
winter animated GIF

3. The Weather. Crisp, bright, cool, comfy. 

4. Fooooootball. Okay, not really football but the buffalo chicken dip (going to have to make a healthy version of this…) and the wings and the beers that are a part of the Sunday Fundays that football season brings.

5. Fall TV! Scandal. Greys. New Girl. Mindy. Parenthood. Just a few of my favs. 

What are you looking forward to this Fall?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

thinking out loud

Happy Thursday!

AKA Happy Day Before Friday!

AKA Happy Almost Weekend!

1. Today is September 11th. I will never forget where I was that moment in 2001 and I'm sure many of you can describe exactly where you were and how you felt that day and the ones that followed. The Freedom Tower represents so much, it exemplifies strength and resilience and honors those who gave their lives that day. #neverforget

2. I have formed a recent obsession with Acai Bowls. I know I'm a little late to the game, but I'm here and I'm not leaving anytime soon. I want to make them at home, because $10 at Juice Generation is a little steep. But, I don't leave myself enough time in the morning to blend and create. Is there such a thing as an overnight acai bowl?  Something I can grab from the fridge in the morning and bring to work? 

3. My new obsession with Tazo Green Ginger Tea. It's definition all in one! 

4. This Madewell Tote that I've had my eye on for a while now. I always want a cute, smaller bag. But during the week, when I'm trying to carry my lunch and my gym clothes and possibly a laptop to work with me, I have to give in to the tote. Doesn't mean it can't be a cute tote! 

What do you use for a trendy carry-all?

nyc day trip to rockaway beach

To the beach!

This past weekend was (possibly) the last beach-worthy weekend of the summer & you best believe I took full advantage. A few of my friends and I spent the day at Rockaway Beach, located in Queens - which is actually on the South Shore of Long Island. The beach itself, admittedly, left a little to be desired. It seems like the area is still be cleaned up from Hurricane Sandy. But, a beach is a beach with sand & water ;). And it was a really great day-trip to get out of the city.

  • It's free! The beach is a public park, so there is no charge. 
  • Accessible by public transportation from the city.  

  • So easy and accessible by subway. You can take the A to Broad Channel, transfer to the S to Rockaway Park-Beach. 
Travel Time: 
  • From the Lower East Side of Manhattan about 1.5 hours. 
Food & Drink:
  • Rockaway Taco. YesYesYes! It's a small shack-like spot located on basically a side street (of 96th St.) that you would never think to turn down if you didn't know this taco heaven existed. The fish tacos are amazing and I also got a refreshing Pinapple Mint Juice. I highly recommend both. The corn also looked delicious. 
  • Twisted Sangria from Caracas Arepa Bar at 106th Street. This was a cool spot located right off the beach. Their food looked delicious and they also had fresh smoothies. Basically I wanted everything, but settled for this bad boy…

We soaked up the sun and stayed for the entire day, leaving around 5pm. I'd definitely recommend it! 

Question: Do you have any easy day-trip recommendations from NYC?

Monday, September 8, 2014

a weekend of nyc dining

Happy Monday!

Last night, I showered and did my hair before I went to sleep. I actually got enough sleep. I woke up this morning, on time. And today, I feel…energized! Now tell me, why do I find it so hard to do these things every Sunday?

new girl animated GIF

So, the weekend...This weekend was hot. So, so hot. My time spent outside was strategically mapped to find in the shadiest paths on the sidewalks. AKA where there was scaffolding to walk under.

In between being outside, Saturday was spent mostly eating. It started off with lunch at Dimes, which is a tiny, low-key spot in Chinatown. It's easy to miss but flagged by a few customers waiting outside. The space is small and not air-conditioned (admittedly not ideal for the hot day), but the staff is friendly and it's a no-frills, no-fuss experience. My friend and I split the Summer Tacos (with bacon) and the BLT - both delicious. Yum bacon.

Overall: I'd go back!
Scene: Hipster
Price: Cheap (we spent about $15 each)
Food: Delicious for brunch/lunch (Also, the acai bowls looked so fresh!)

Then we got pedicures, I went for a fall color. I decided it was time and got Essie Don't Sweater It. Love this one.

And before we knew it, it was time to eat again ;). Dinner was at Lil Frankie's, for some Italian fare on the Lower East Side. Basically I spent the evening dining on meat, cheese and bread. I split a prosciutto pizza and pasta in a cream sauce with pancetta for dinner. Both were from the specials menu, so I can't find the exact names. The sauce on the pasta was lacking pancetta and some flavor which was disappointing, but the pasta was fresh and home-made.

Overall: I'd go back - for the pizza alone.
Scene: Casual
Price: Middle of the road (we spent about $60 each). Note: You can definitely go here for a cheaper price. We had a lot of leftovers and also had a few drinks each.
Food: Delicious
Note: Cash only but can make a reservation

Sunday we spent the day day-trippin to the beach! It an effort to not let go of summer, or my tan, we decided to venture out and enjoy the sun for possibly the last time this year. I'll add a post tomorrow with some deets.

Until then!

Friday, September 5, 2014

friday fun

Happy Friday!

Well this short week flew by, but this day is d.r.a.g.g.i.n.g on. I, for one, am ready to head out and start my weekend. Even if the start to my weekend will just be a glass of wine on a couch. Who's with me?

Anyway, I'm excited to share are a few of my favorite things this week...

1.) These slip-ons I just ordered. I've been searching for some trendy slip-ons for a while now. Cute, comfortable for walking around the city & bonus I'm able to wear them to work. These are a little over the price I was aiming for but I went for it (maybe after some gentle nudging from my roomies and also, a glass of wine…oops), but I'm excited! Hopefully I'll be able to actually wear them before the weather calls for boots.

2.) This bronzing powder, to be used with this brush. I can't rave enough about NARS bronzer. It goes on evenly and makes my skin glow. It's lightweight and just the right shade. Worth the dolla bills. 

3.) Under Armours new kick-ass campaign. 'I Will What I Want.' #empowering 

4.) And this song's remix by The Weeknd for the weekend. 

Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

labor day weekend recap

Happy Wednesday!

A little late to the recap game. Yesterday was a difficult, seriouslyfeltlikeaMonday, kinda day for me. It didn't help that I stayed up until 2am reading. Do you ever do that? It's such an awful habit, but sometimes I become so enthralled with a book I have to know what happens. I was reading Me Before You, has anyone read it? I finished it on the subway to work this morning and was openly weeping in public. To be honest, not the first time that's happened to me because of a book. I'll post a recap of it, along with some other recently read books later.

Onto, Labor Day Weekend.

This weekend I went to my grandparents house in upstate NY, near the Syracuse area. It is very country where my grandparents live, something I've grown to appreciate. Especially now living in the city. Instead of falling asleep to sirens and taxi horns outside your window, its crickets chirping and wind chimes that lull me to sleep and even better, don't wake me up in the morning. When we arrived Friday night, I actually got out of the car and could clearly see the Milky Way. Can not remember the last time that happened.

On Saturday we hung out by the pool and then went to the good ole' New York State Fair.

A recap in pictures...

But, stick a city girl in the country and this was my face pretty much the entire time we were there…

(An original piece. You're welcome) 

Back at the grandparent's, I went for a (hilly) run one morning. The decision to snap some pics came after mile three. I was spent - but it was truly beautiful. This one is from down the road at a neighbors farm. 

I'll leave you with my new country music obsession. 

And an original quote by yours truly that I created on QuotesCover (<- when boredom strikes). A saying I live by ;)...