Monday, June 9, 2014

staple it together and call it bad weather

Happy Monday!

So, how bout that rain this morning?  I am always a vision during a walk to the subway in a solid AM downpour. Especially if there's a lot of wind. Sometimes I just start to stick my umbrella straight out in front of me to shield myself and also, hopefully, prevent my umbrella from doing that thing where it turns inside out. Which, is my favorite moment of just sheer panic.  Now, not only are you getting soaked but you have to stop and fix the situation, becoming a stationary rain target.  Goodbye straight hair, goodbye dry clothes.

So, anyway, it was raining.  But, I guess after a beautiful weekend I can't complain…that much.

Now for a brief weekend recap:

Low key Friday night...
A delicious and incredibly spicy dinner spent at Uncle Boons. (An interesting name for a Thai Restaurant.) The Massaman Curry and Gold Curry were my two favorite dishes - basically they nail curry.  There was a great cocktail selection too. I went with something a little different, I usually shy away from dark liquors, but I was feeling a little funky and decided to have a drink called the Bolan. Which was a Bourbon cocktail, and tasted similar to an Old Fashioned. And I liked it enough to have two…

Followed by a sunny Saturday.
A few of best high school friends came to visit this weekend! I sort of conned them into a visit back in January when I bought Jack Johnson tickets at our favorite venue, Jones Beach Theater (oops). When your friend has tickets reserved for you, you can't turn em down right?

We spent all day Saturday at the beach.

And like the young champions we (think we) are, we changed in the bathrooms at the beach and went straight to the concert. We met up with a few more friends to tailgate before in the parking lot. We all caught up, for probably a little too long, and eventually went in to enjoy the concert. I don't have any pictures from the show, but as a reminder: Jack Johnson is very attractive and has the voice of an angel.

Note to self: Remember to take pictures.


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