Friday, June 6, 2014

focus on friday: inspiration & recovery

Happy Friday!

Can we talk about this Beats by Dre ad? It is p.o.w.e.r.f.u.l. They killed it.

And it introduced me to this song.

And this band, X Ambassadors, who I haven't stopped listening to today. They sound similar-ish to Imagine Dragons. My favorites on their latest EP are Giants and Free & Lonely.

Anyway, this is how my morning started:

That is Bigelow I Love Lemon Tea and a morning juice. It's my little mini morning detox. The juice contains carrot, cucumber, lemon, apple and ginger from Juice Generation. It's a combination I really love. Basically anything with both lemon and ginger is immediately what I'll go for when it comes to the juice game. After a night out I always feel better when I start my morning with a juice or tea with lemon and I have to eat something healthy for breakfast. If I dive right into a BEC (bacon, egg & cheese) I am doomed. It's one of those "it sounded great at the time" choices.

This morning's beverage selection of champions is a result of my Thursday night.  It started off with a couple margaritas at El Rio Grande, a bar/restaurant in Murray Hill.  They have an outdoor area, which is nice and a rarity in the NYC scene. But, if you've been there or plan to go there, fair warning: their margaritas are very strong. Tip for survival: 2 margs max. Promise.  After Rio, instead of going home, we decided to head to Mercer Kitchen for a late night meal and drinks.  Mercer Kitchen was more of a restaurant bucket list item, not so much an after bar event. But, it's pretty typical for us to make these logical decisions.  The good news is you don't need a reservation at 11:30pm on a Thursday! And it's beautiful and so delicious.  They also have a really cool library in the back (read: swanky). I'd like to go back for an earlier "dinner" next time. :)

I won't be roaming the concrete jungle this weekend, I'm heading out to Long Island tomorrow for a few of my favorite things:
  • Friends visiting! 
  • Jack Johnson concert
Happy Weekend! 

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