Monday, October 20, 2014

phone cleanse

ALERT: I cleaned out my phone!

This mainly just involved deleting old pictures, old text conversations and old voicemails. It involved a little nostalgia, a little 'wow I forgot about that' and mostly just a letting go of the past.

Honestly throughout my old pictures there were a TON of screenshots. Why do I screeshot so many things to text my friends? Screenshots of Facebook pictures, random text conversations, etc. Those got deleted. For the pictures I love but couldn't store on my phone, those have been loaded onto the computer. Nothing lost there.

My text messages started back in 2012. And wow. Basically the deleted conversations consisted of the below:
  • Random numbers 
  • Too many group chats
  • Old Friends
  • Old Boyfriends
And the voicemails. So many voicemails from my mom. So, so many. Mostly just a few seconds long. "Hi, it's me, call me back when you get this. Okay, love you. Bye." The generational misunderstanding of the use of a voicemail is too much. 

day animated GIF

I highly recommend doing this. Not only is it sort of fun to get a blast from the past but most importantly, it clears up storage space on your phone. I know I'm not the only one who gets those pesky alerts that your storage is almost full. And I know I'm not the only one who has been at a concert, or out with friends or had a perfect moment where you needed to snap a pic and couldn't.

A huge tip: deleting old text conversations frees up a lot of space. So you can leave those pics, for a little longer at least. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

work out less, eat more

I have a new philosophy. Hint: it's the title of this post.

It's backwards, right?

I know, it's reversed. Allow me to explain…with the help of Mindy Kaling's facial expressions.

So…work out…less?

the mindy project animated GIF

Let's start here: I am a workout nut. As in, I cancel plans because I "need" to go to the gym. I deprive myself of enough sleep because I "need" to wake up early and, you guessed it,  go to the gym.

I work out a lot during the week. Like, I 'go hard' Monday through Thursday. I do this because I have an idea in my head that it makes up for my lack of structured exercise on the weekends. Four days of working out in a row is usually just too much and then I take it one step further. Instead of 'going hard' one day (ex. HIIT) and focusing on strength or stretching the next, I go hard for all 4 of those a row.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy working out. I enjoy the endorphins. I enjoy sweating. I enjoy feeling strong.

But I'm realizing, I'm not listening to my body.


television animated GIF

I am no waif. I'm certainly not a girl who needs to gain weight. So, again, allow me to explain.

I'm going to start by telling you a secret. I know that by the time you're reading this, this will be published, publicly and no longer a secret. But, let's call it a secret.

I am a relatively healthy eater, but I'm realizing, I've been depriving myself. This depravation causes, what I'll refer to as, binging.  And sometimes, sometimes I get so hungry that I sit down and will literally eat myself sick. I will eat until the point of physical pain. Writing that sentence was hard and, when put in writing, sounds incredibly unhealthy. If you have the power to stop eating when you're actually full, I commend you.

I need to listen to my body. If I'm hungry, eat. Make balanced, healthy choices but, eat. If I eat a well-balanced meal at each meal, I will have no reason to overeat.

dancing animated GIF

So here's what I'm doing now.

I'm exercising for 2 days in a row (ok - sometimes 3, depending on my schedule) and I'm going to 'go hard' (I suppose this is my way of saying, cardio) 1 day and then strength/stretch the next day. And the following day, I am going to REST. Maybe I'll take a long walk home from work, or maybe I'll grab a drink with a friend, but I'm going to

And about that eat more part? I'm eating more at each meal and including a protein, a fat and a carb.

I started this new exercise and meal regimen last week and here's what I've noticed:

Without giving myself strict exercise rules and depriving myself, I'm listening to my body more. By eating more at meals - I'm actually eating less throughout the day. And by working out less I'm also less hungry and I still feel great.

Let me end on this note: these are changes that work for me.

The common thread is this: listen to what your body is telling you.

mindy lahiri animated GIF

Good things happen when you're kind to yourself. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

it's beginning to feel a lot like…fall

Twas a brisk 61 degress when I woke up this morning. I conveniently had my air conditioner on high blasting at 67 degrees. I gave myself a gentle reminder to both check the weather before I go to bed and when I wake up to avoid self-induced frostbite.

Anyway, my reluctance to summer ending is slowly falling to the wayside and I will admit, I'm feeling Fall. Here's a few thing's I'm looking forward to...

1. My Birthday. Hey Libras ;)

2. Cozy sweaters. Like this and this and this. So all of Fall I can look like this:
winter animated GIF

3. The Weather. Crisp, bright, cool, comfy. 

4. Fooooootball. Okay, not really football but the buffalo chicken dip (going to have to make a healthy version of this…) and the wings and the beers that are a part of the Sunday Fundays that football season brings.

5. Fall TV! Scandal. Greys. New Girl. Mindy. Parenthood. Just a few of my favs. 

What are you looking forward to this Fall?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

thinking out loud

Happy Thursday!

AKA Happy Day Before Friday!

AKA Happy Almost Weekend!

1. Today is September 11th. I will never forget where I was that moment in 2001 and I'm sure many of you can describe exactly where you were and how you felt that day and the ones that followed. The Freedom Tower represents so much, it exemplifies strength and resilience and honors those who gave their lives that day. #neverforget

2. I have formed a recent obsession with Acai Bowls. I know I'm a little late to the game, but I'm here and I'm not leaving anytime soon. I want to make them at home, because $10 at Juice Generation is a little steep. But, I don't leave myself enough time in the morning to blend and create. Is there such a thing as an overnight acai bowl?  Something I can grab from the fridge in the morning and bring to work? 

3. My new obsession with Tazo Green Ginger Tea. It's definition all in one! 

4. This Madewell Tote that I've had my eye on for a while now. I always want a cute, smaller bag. But during the week, when I'm trying to carry my lunch and my gym clothes and possibly a laptop to work with me, I have to give in to the tote. Doesn't mean it can't be a cute tote! 

What do you use for a trendy carry-all?

nyc day trip to rockaway beach

To the beach!

This past weekend was (possibly) the last beach-worthy weekend of the summer & you best believe I took full advantage. A few of my friends and I spent the day at Rockaway Beach, located in Queens - which is actually on the South Shore of Long Island. The beach itself, admittedly, left a little to be desired. It seems like the area is still be cleaned up from Hurricane Sandy. But, a beach is a beach with sand & water ;). And it was a really great day-trip to get out of the city.

  • It's free! The beach is a public park, so there is no charge. 
  • Accessible by public transportation from the city.  

  • So easy and accessible by subway. You can take the A to Broad Channel, transfer to the S to Rockaway Park-Beach. 
Travel Time: 
  • From the Lower East Side of Manhattan about 1.5 hours. 
Food & Drink:
  • Rockaway Taco. YesYesYes! It's a small shack-like spot located on basically a side street (of 96th St.) that you would never think to turn down if you didn't know this taco heaven existed. The fish tacos are amazing and I also got a refreshing Pinapple Mint Juice. I highly recommend both. The corn also looked delicious. 
  • Twisted Sangria from Caracas Arepa Bar at 106th Street. This was a cool spot located right off the beach. Their food looked delicious and they also had fresh smoothies. Basically I wanted everything, but settled for this bad boy…

We soaked up the sun and stayed for the entire day, leaving around 5pm. I'd definitely recommend it! 

Question: Do you have any easy day-trip recommendations from NYC?

Monday, September 8, 2014

a weekend of nyc dining

Happy Monday!

Last night, I showered and did my hair before I went to sleep. I actually got enough sleep. I woke up this morning, on time. And today, I feel…energized! Now tell me, why do I find it so hard to do these things every Sunday?

new girl animated GIF

So, the weekend...This weekend was hot. So, so hot. My time spent outside was strategically mapped to find in the shadiest paths on the sidewalks. AKA where there was scaffolding to walk under.

In between being outside, Saturday was spent mostly eating. It started off with lunch at Dimes, which is a tiny, low-key spot in Chinatown. It's easy to miss but flagged by a few customers waiting outside. The space is small and not air-conditioned (admittedly not ideal for the hot day), but the staff is friendly and it's a no-frills, no-fuss experience. My friend and I split the Summer Tacos (with bacon) and the BLT - both delicious. Yum bacon.

Overall: I'd go back!
Scene: Hipster
Price: Cheap (we spent about $15 each)
Food: Delicious for brunch/lunch (Also, the acai bowls looked so fresh!)

Then we got pedicures, I went for a fall color. I decided it was time and got Essie Don't Sweater It. Love this one.

And before we knew it, it was time to eat again ;). Dinner was at Lil Frankie's, for some Italian fare on the Lower East Side. Basically I spent the evening dining on meat, cheese and bread. I split a prosciutto pizza and pasta in a cream sauce with pancetta for dinner. Both were from the specials menu, so I can't find the exact names. The sauce on the pasta was lacking pancetta and some flavor which was disappointing, but the pasta was fresh and home-made.

Overall: I'd go back - for the pizza alone.
Scene: Casual
Price: Middle of the road (we spent about $60 each). Note: You can definitely go here for a cheaper price. We had a lot of leftovers and also had a few drinks each.
Food: Delicious
Note: Cash only but can make a reservation

Sunday we spent the day day-trippin to the beach! It an effort to not let go of summer, or my tan, we decided to venture out and enjoy the sun for possibly the last time this year. I'll add a post tomorrow with some deets.

Until then!

Friday, September 5, 2014

friday fun

Happy Friday!

Well this short week flew by, but this day is d.r.a.g.g.i.n.g on. I, for one, am ready to head out and start my weekend. Even if the start to my weekend will just be a glass of wine on a couch. Who's with me?

Anyway, I'm excited to share are a few of my favorite things this week...

1.) These slip-ons I just ordered. I've been searching for some trendy slip-ons for a while now. Cute, comfortable for walking around the city & bonus I'm able to wear them to work. These are a little over the price I was aiming for but I went for it (maybe after some gentle nudging from my roomies and also, a glass of wine…oops), but I'm excited! Hopefully I'll be able to actually wear them before the weather calls for boots.

2.) This bronzing powder, to be used with this brush. I can't rave enough about NARS bronzer. It goes on evenly and makes my skin glow. It's lightweight and just the right shade. Worth the dolla bills. 

3.) Under Armours new kick-ass campaign. 'I Will What I Want.' #empowering 

4.) And this song's remix by The Weeknd for the weekend. 

Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

labor day weekend recap

Happy Wednesday!

A little late to the recap game. Yesterday was a difficult, seriouslyfeltlikeaMonday, kinda day for me. It didn't help that I stayed up until 2am reading. Do you ever do that? It's such an awful habit, but sometimes I become so enthralled with a book I have to know what happens. I was reading Me Before You, has anyone read it? I finished it on the subway to work this morning and was openly weeping in public. To be honest, not the first time that's happened to me because of a book. I'll post a recap of it, along with some other recently read books later.

Onto, Labor Day Weekend.

This weekend I went to my grandparents house in upstate NY, near the Syracuse area. It is very country where my grandparents live, something I've grown to appreciate. Especially now living in the city. Instead of falling asleep to sirens and taxi horns outside your window, its crickets chirping and wind chimes that lull me to sleep and even better, don't wake me up in the morning. When we arrived Friday night, I actually got out of the car and could clearly see the Milky Way. Can not remember the last time that happened.

On Saturday we hung out by the pool and then went to the good ole' New York State Fair.

A recap in pictures...

But, stick a city girl in the country and this was my face pretty much the entire time we were there…

(An original piece. You're welcome) 

Back at the grandparent's, I went for a (hilly) run one morning. The decision to snap some pics came after mile three. I was spent - but it was truly beautiful. This one is from down the road at a neighbors farm. 

I'll leave you with my new country music obsession. 

And an original quote by yours truly that I created on QuotesCover (<- when boredom strikes). A saying I live by ;)...

Monday, August 25, 2014

the joys of using the Internet as your convenience store

At my office, we have staff who actually come around and will hand deliver us any packages or mail we receive (cool eh?). Most of the packages I receive are things I order online. I'm not talking like buying myself the new Fall shoes I need, I'm talking receiving a shipment of shampoo I ordered. Yes, I have begun to frequently use the Internet as my delivery convenience store. But there's something about online shopping that makes it feel like you're receiving presents. They arrive all taped up in little brown packages that I have to wrestle with and stab to open...and it's like my birthday. 

For those who are not yet following, allow me to elaborate. As you may know, I live in the Big Apple, the concrete jungle, the city that never sleeps and the city where the cost of living is more than double the national average. As you can imagine simple things like lotion and paper towels will run you a $20 trip at your local store. So, I've started to purchase a few drugstore items from Amazon. (I also accidentally signed up for a free trial of Prime, which I'm sure will suck me in.) 

So I'm going to share with you a few things I bought, because why not?

1.) A new razor. This is a result of losing my faithful Venus during the many weekend trips I took this summer. Glad to have you back old friend. 

2.) Shaving cream gel, because obviously. This kind leaves my skin so soft. 

3.) Night cream. As far as my face goes, my motto is prevention rather than correction. I've always been interested in using products that reduce any signs of the wear and tear on my face and body. Over the years I've used a number of night creams, many just to moisturize overnight but I've begun to dabble in restorative night-time creams. I read about the importance of incorporating retinol into your beauty routine.  Retinol is a form of Vitamin-A which is good for skin health. I am *not an expert* on this, but RoC is one of the few drugstore brands that utilizes retinol in their products and it's not crazy expensive. This is my second time in a row purchasing this night cream, it's light and makes my skin feel smooth. I'd recommend reading up some more about this if you're interested. 

4.) I need some more hangers. I'm not sure if I needed 50, but I mean it was $25 for 50 or $20 for 30 and I just have to make the logical decision there. And, of course, if you're getting hangers you need to get velvet ones. They are the answer to all your closet's problems. They're thin and my clothes don't fall off of them when you I'm franticly moving everything around trying to find an outfit for work in the morning. 

So all of these items ran me about $60 total. I'd estimate that if I had gone to the store and bought them I would have spent a few dollars more on each item. It adds up though. Plus, I received these little packages at work, which, did I mention, makes purchasing these everyday items a little more exciting. 

TL;DR - A basic trip to the store is hard when you are trying to ball on a budget in NYC. 

Seriously, does anyone share these sentiments? 

Monday, August 18, 2014

monday is for motivation and inspiration

I almost had alliteration going in that title…almost. So, sometimes on a Monday I may be feeling sluggish, I may be feeling unmotivated and sometimes you (I) may need a reminder to that you are you and you are great and the time you have is now and this time can be a great time, if you choose
weight loss inspirational quotes | ... Quote|Motivation|Inspirational|Inspiration. : Inspirational Quotes
What if I fall? Oh, my darling what If you fly?

Sound advice


Also, take a listen to this:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

arthur, don't rain on my parade

Things I'm excited about:

A 3-day weekend. 

excited animated GIF

 Things I'm not excited about:


no animated GIF

Anyone else heading to the beach this weekend? Well, looks like we're all going to spend the 4th indoors, watching the rain and drinking away our sorrows. I think there will be a lot of games and a lot of eating. Not exactly the gorgeous beach day I was banking on but I have no doubt we'll still have fun.

I'll be spending this glorious weekend in Ocean Beach, Fire Island. Currently dreading getting on the LIRR during a holiday weekend, but that's another story for another day. Back to OB…a friend of mine once described Ocean Beach as 'sleepaway camp for adults'. And, I guess that's a pretty accurate depiction. Fire Island is an island (obviously) off the south shore of Long Island. You have to take a ferry to get there, so there are no cars. It's a small town, with the bay on one side and beach on the other. Bars, restaurants and shops line the town and everything is in walking distance. Shoes, optional. It's a glorious place.

And as I'm a little random and random is as random does, I'm going to switch gears and talk about a few new healthy obsessions. 

My growing obsession with juices is becoming a very costly habit. But, I. Can't. Stop. I don't know if it's a placebo effect, maybe? But, I always feel healthier and cleansed after a good juice. Recently 'The Juice Shop' opened near my office, so I went with a coworker to explore on Monday. I was already very full from lunch (which was full of greens) and had eat a lot of fruit that day, so I wasn't very hungry or feeling like I needed that extra healthy boost in my day. Unfortunately, I am not a girl who can leave empty-handed. So I ended up with something on the lighter side that I thought we be 'cleansing.' Turns out it was delicious and tasted like gingery, fresh orange juice (sounds weirder when I type that out…). 

I'm a big snacker. Sometimes I keep my meals lighter, just so I can have a snack later. I discovered this new KIND bar and WOW. Caramel, almond & sea salt. Salty & Sweet = heavenly. 

And these... I recently discovered Fig Bars and I'm obsessed. I typically will only eat one (of the two), not the whole package because the calories/carbs/etc, get up there. But they remind me of healthy Fig Newtons. They're great with coffee and great for a snack in the afternoon when you want something sweet or carby but still healthy. I've been eating them as a little snack before the gym and love it! 

Okay, that's it for today. 

May the Fourth be with you! 

Monday, June 30, 2014

things I look forward to…erryday

Besides breakfast, lunch, and dinner…

cawfee coffee
I am trying, TRYING to avoid artificial sweeteners (ahem: Splenda) because I know how bad they are for you. So I stopped having my usual coffee with skim milk, two Splenda. But then...I fell in love with French Vanilla Coffee-mate. I have not confirmed this theory, but I'm pretty sure it's equally as bad for my health (and full of chemicals). I try to keep the splash in my daily coffee to a minimum and lighten it up more with some skim milk, but I enjoy it so much that I actually get sad if I think about having coffee without it. Better or worse for me? I can't decide? Do I want to know? I don't know? Is there happiness in coffee without sweetener? Moving on…

morning catch up
This includes my daily read of theSkimm, which is an email newsletter geared toward women, that basically sums up news highlights in a really, easily digestible way. I find it really informative and if I want more information about a topic, they have links to their original sources.  After that, I always browse a few other sites to soak in my news along with a daily dose of useless information.

Seltzer and I have a very new relationship, we weren't always this close. But recently, nothing quenches my thirst like a good ol' can of seltzer. There is truly nothing more refreshing than seltzer over ice, with lemon. Unfortunately, I don't always have lemon on hand (especially at work) but seltzer can still stand on its own. It's special that way.

Anchorman Movie animated GIF

my walk home
Mememememe time.  It's only about 15 minutes, because I walk to the gym which is closer than my actual apartment (after the gym I walk the rest of the way home as well). But, especially in the warmer months, after sitting at a desk for many hours it's so nice to stretch my legs and feel the sun. Sometimes I zone out and just put my headphones in, other times I make phone calls and catch up. I don't have much time like this where I'm (sort of) doing nothing.

And here is an aerial shot ;)
Thatta way.

that glass of wine
Okay, I try for this not to be everyday. But, kicking my feet up and relaxing with a glass of wine is one of my favorite pastimes. Usually I go for red, Pinot Noir at the moment. In the summer though, I've been enjoying white, which I'm less picky about - just not too sweet.

And now is the portion of the post where I recognize my minor obsession with beverages. And I didn't even include my love for tea time post lunch…

On a separate note, I saw The Fault In Our Stars last week and I am still thinking about it. I was looking through my phone today for a random picture and stumbled upon a screenshot of my favorite quote that I highlighted from the book and apparently saved to have on my phone forever.
::Spoiler alert::
It kills me every time.

So this is a very random post, I've actually had it written for a while and figured today is as good as any for a posting. Still to come: a weekend recap. I leave you in great suspense…;).

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

summa summa summa time

Hello... Tuesday!

Summer is here, it's FINALLY really here to stay. Summers in the city are an interesting phenomenon. I'm not going to lie, the city develops an interesting stench when the weather gets warm. Hot air really brings out those odors, amirite?

Then again, there is something really beautiful about NYC summers. The buildings sort of glisten, everyone hangs out outside and you can go to any park to create your own little serenity within the hustle and bustle of this crazy place. Like, of course, Central Park.

Okay, so that is a photo from last year, but you get it. And this one is downtown on the west side at Hudson River Park. 

Treasures within the concrete jungle. Yet, all the city folk flee Manhattan on summer weekends and it's empty (relatively speaking). Which usually I like, because most days I feel like Dwight, and continuously notice the alarming number  of people we managed to squish on this island. But, I'm no exception to the rule and I'll always choose a beach weekend when possible. 

So, I've been out on Long Island the past couple weekends. I know it gets a lot of hate, but it really is a beautiful place. 

Until tomorrow…

Monday, June 9, 2014

staple it together and call it bad weather

Happy Monday!

So, how bout that rain this morning?  I am always a vision during a walk to the subway in a solid AM downpour. Especially if there's a lot of wind. Sometimes I just start to stick my umbrella straight out in front of me to shield myself and also, hopefully, prevent my umbrella from doing that thing where it turns inside out. Which, is my favorite moment of just sheer panic.  Now, not only are you getting soaked but you have to stop and fix the situation, becoming a stationary rain target.  Goodbye straight hair, goodbye dry clothes.

So, anyway, it was raining.  But, I guess after a beautiful weekend I can't complain…that much.

Now for a brief weekend recap:

Low key Friday night...
A delicious and incredibly spicy dinner spent at Uncle Boons. (An interesting name for a Thai Restaurant.) The Massaman Curry and Gold Curry were my two favorite dishes - basically they nail curry.  There was a great cocktail selection too. I went with something a little different, I usually shy away from dark liquors, but I was feeling a little funky and decided to have a drink called the Bolan. Which was a Bourbon cocktail, and tasted similar to an Old Fashioned. And I liked it enough to have two…

Followed by a sunny Saturday.
A few of best high school friends came to visit this weekend! I sort of conned them into a visit back in January when I bought Jack Johnson tickets at our favorite venue, Jones Beach Theater (oops). When your friend has tickets reserved for you, you can't turn em down right?

We spent all day Saturday at the beach.

And like the young champions we (think we) are, we changed in the bathrooms at the beach and went straight to the concert. We met up with a few more friends to tailgate before in the parking lot. We all caught up, for probably a little too long, and eventually went in to enjoy the concert. I don't have any pictures from the show, but as a reminder: Jack Johnson is very attractive and has the voice of an angel.

Note to self: Remember to take pictures.


Friday, June 6, 2014

focus on friday: inspiration & recovery

Happy Friday!

Can we talk about this Beats by Dre ad? It is p.o.w.e.r.f.u.l. They killed it.

And it introduced me to this song.

And this band, X Ambassadors, who I haven't stopped listening to today. They sound similar-ish to Imagine Dragons. My favorites on their latest EP are Giants and Free & Lonely.

Anyway, this is how my morning started:

That is Bigelow I Love Lemon Tea and a morning juice. It's my little mini morning detox. The juice contains carrot, cucumber, lemon, apple and ginger from Juice Generation. It's a combination I really love. Basically anything with both lemon and ginger is immediately what I'll go for when it comes to the juice game. After a night out I always feel better when I start my morning with a juice or tea with lemon and I have to eat something healthy for breakfast. If I dive right into a BEC (bacon, egg & cheese) I am doomed. It's one of those "it sounded great at the time" choices.

This morning's beverage selection of champions is a result of my Thursday night.  It started off with a couple margaritas at El Rio Grande, a bar/restaurant in Murray Hill.  They have an outdoor area, which is nice and a rarity in the NYC scene. But, if you've been there or plan to go there, fair warning: their margaritas are very strong. Tip for survival: 2 margs max. Promise.  After Rio, instead of going home, we decided to head to Mercer Kitchen for a late night meal and drinks.  Mercer Kitchen was more of a restaurant bucket list item, not so much an after bar event. But, it's pretty typical for us to make these logical decisions.  The good news is you don't need a reservation at 11:30pm on a Thursday! And it's beautiful and so delicious.  They also have a really cool library in the back (read: swanky). I'd like to go back for an earlier "dinner" next time. :)

I won't be roaming the concrete jungle this weekend, I'm heading out to Long Island tomorrow for a few of my favorite things:
  • Friends visiting! 
  • Jack Johnson concert
Happy Weekend! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

forever never full

Once upon a time, I ate a very large meal. To my immediate distress, my first thought after this meal was, "But, why am I not full?" I shared this sentiment and confusion with my close friends who, to my relief, agreed with me.  Why can we eat so much? Why do we end meals thinking, "What's next?" Why? WHY? As the result of these ongoing conversations, one particularly bleak day during this winter's never-ending polar vortex, came the creation of Why Am I Not Full?.  Which is an informative platform on which we ponder the age old question, "Why am I not full?"

TL;DR Food is glorious.

That being said, I truly always try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When I’m eating right and working out regularly I feel better inside and out. For real. I also love reading blogs where the authors share their daily eats. I find so many great ideas for meals I've never considered (adding peanut butter to my oatmeal was literally life changing) and also, it's nice to see what other people eat in an average day.  Is that strange? I love it.  As blogging is new to me, I thought it would be fun to make a post of what I ate - but I sort of failed.  Nevertheless, I took pictures of my breakfast and lunch on Monday and 100% forgot to capture snacks and dinner. Also, I know you didn’t miss that these meals are from Monday…and it’s Thursday….but, I digress. 

For breakfast, I ate some hard boiled eggs topped with salt, pepper and Frank’s Red Hot. Which I think is my favorite hot sauce or maybe my hot sauce of the moment. Anyway, I wanted something that was easy and would fill me up for a while (read: lazy monday morning).

I had an apple after that. And for lunch I made a salad. 


Included some basics:

But elevated with:
Peeled Carrots

I’m going to take a moment here to discuss with you peeled carrots because it’s changed my salad game. Thanks to my roomie we now by whole carrots instead of our standard baby carrots, which are great for dipping in hummus but not so great when you try and cut them up into your salad. I always end my salad with a bunch of carrots pieces at the end and they don’t blend as well with the other ingredients. Amirite? But, if you take a whole carrot and peel the outside, and then use the same peeler to create carrot ribbons it truly elevates your salad. The flavors blend and the crunch isn’t as overwhelming. Do it, really seriously, do it.

Also, I had a few slices of Honey Maple Turkey.

And that nail polish, while not experiencing its finest moment in this picture, is a great Spring to Summer color - truth or flare by Essie

I won’t bore you with discussion aobut the rest of what I ate on Monday but this was a nice introduction. Until next time. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

done is better than perfect


First post.

This is weird.

I'm excited.

I feel like the first post you put on your blog is kind of awkward? Like when you're first introduced to someone…it's very unclear what to talk about. We haven't really established any ground rules yet.  I guess I've wanted to start a blog for a while.  I'm a fan of the lifestyle, foodie, fitness, etc., blogging community.  But, I was concerned with everything being perfect, like the name, what I would write could I possibly nail down everything I want to talk about?  After a lot of back and forth, I realized the blog is living and it can evolve with me. So, eventually my desire overcame my self-doubt and here we are.